The vulnerabilities of the Euro Cylinder lock

The vulnerabilities of the Euro Cylinder lockI  have discussed the versatility and popularity of the Euro Cylinder lock before. But, it has security issues.

The Euro cylinder lock is vulnerable to various attacks. These attacks include lock bumping, which involves opening the lock using a crafted bump key. You can buy these keys on eBay but do need the knowledge of how they work.  Another way to pick locks is by using a snap gun. It is a tool that can open a Euro cylinder lock without a key.

To combat this, higher-security Euro Cylinder locks use special security pins. If someone uses a snap gun or bump key, these pins will catch in the lock cylinder. Most Euro Cylinder locks fitted on older doors do not have special security pins.

Lock snapping

This is a method of forced entry that affects the Euro-cylinder lock. Lock snapping involves torquing the lock cylinder with locking pliers. This breaks the barrel and allows access to the mechanism.

It can take between 20 seconds and 2 minutes to snap the lock and gain entry. Police in the UK estimate that about 22 million doors nationwide could be at risk.

But, we have taken measures to fix the weaknesses of the Euro cylinder lock. We have added new safety measures. Any British Standard cylinders that meet the TS007 3 standard can stop this attack. Studies have shown that implementing them can reduce burglaries in certain areas by up to 60%.

For more information on the significant improvements made in security with the cylinder lock, visit our home page and read the section Why you need Ultion high-security door locks

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