The versatility of Euro Cylinder locks for domestic & commercial properties

The versatility of Euro Cylinder Locks means that they are by far the most popular means of locking today’s modern homes and commercial buildings. They are very popular not only with Locksmiths but door manufacturers as well because of this versatility.

One of the main advantages of the locks versatility and why they are so popular is that the cylinder can be changed without altering the hardware. Removing the cylinder usually only requires loosening a set screw, then sliding the cylinder from the door.

The second big advantage of the Euro Cylinder Lock is that you can usually obtain cylinders in different formats that can all be used with the same type of key. This is very useful and advantageous for multiple officed buildings as a master key system can be implemented.

The Master Key system

A master keyed lock is a variation of the Euro Cylinder Lock that allows the lock to be opened with two or more different keys. The versatility of this locking system is perfect for use in commercial buildings with multiple tenants. Office buildings, hotels, storage units will all benefit from a master key system.

How the master key system works for example, in an office block or multiple managed workspace is like this. Each tenant is given their own key that only unlocks their own door to their premises. This is called the change key. But there is a second key that is usually kept by the building manager, owner or caretaker. This is the master key and it gives the ability to the building manager or owner to open all of the office doors with this key.

These are the main reasons why the Euro Cylinder Lock is so popular with locksmiths and property owners alike. It is all down to the versatility of the lock and its many uses.

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